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Is Witchcraft Real | Common Myths Exposed

Is Witchcraft Real

One of the most common questions modern day spell casters are asked is,is witchcraft real?. To the uneducated their answer is a resounding as they base their answer on a whole pile of facts that are not true. So, to answer the question is Witchcraft real a few common myths are explained:

“Is witchcraft real? In answer to this frequently asked questions the myths around witchcraft are exposed”

Myth #1 if Witches Are Not Real

Everyone bases their idea of a witch things like Hansel and Gretel or Harry Potter. The truth is that witches are real and they look like just you and me. You could be a witch and not know it. Witches are ordinary people with a gift or ability, many people have this gift but witches, real witches are simply more aware of the power they have. These people do not eat children, nor do they fly on broomsticks. The can use witchcraft and they use it for good not evil. Witchcraft is real because witches are real.

Myth #2 if Magic and Spells are not real

Many people believe that magic and spells are not real. Real witches are powerful spell casters and they have all witnessed their magic and spells working in the real world. Witchcraft is only considered not real because, yet again, the world has been taught that witches and their spells are evil. Witches cast their magic and spells to help others with positive aspects of life. Real magic and spells are used to help people with money problems, love, relationships and business among other things. The very fact that countless people can testify that the spells and magic used to help them have worked is evidence that witchcraft is very real.

Myth #3 if Witches are devil worshipers

Here we go again, witches are evil and witches are devil worshipers and rely on satan for witchcraft to work. This is utter rubbish and while there are a handful of more satanic people out there who claim to be witches conjuring up the devil himself to cast spells these are generally frauds hoping for attention or just rebelling against the way of the world. Many witches attend church or other places of worship frequently. Witches do not require the devil to help them with their magic and white witches especially are powerful spell casters than often harness the spirits found in the power of nature around them. Witchcraft is real and when understood is a powerful and useful tool.

Myth #4 if Witchcraft requires animal sacrifice

If witchcraft required animal sacrifice no one would be practicing today. In history there may have been cases of animal sacrifice, but witches today know this is not needed for witchcraft to work. Furthermore, the eye of newt and wing of bat myth is a complete fallacy and makes a joke of what witchcraft really is. Sure, witchcraft does include potions, love potions especially, but the magic inside these uses natural easy to find ingredients such as herbs, spices and garden plants. If you want living proof that witchcraft is real simply use a potion and experience what is does.

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