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Faq-frequently asked questions

Is Magic Real?

This is the question that everyone asks. The answer is yes. Magic and the use of spells has been practiced since the dawn of time. Everyone from kings and queens, warriors going into battle, people seeking fame and fortune and just ordinary people have used magic and spells successfully. Magic is real and yet it struggles in a society today where everything is computerised, and everything happens so fast. People do not believe in magic because they cannot always see it. Magic is as real today as was thousands of years ago. The biggest thing that convinces people that magic is not real is fear and how the media has stereotyped spells and magic. If magic were not real there would not me as many spell casters, wizards, high priests and sangomas practicing the art and neither would people be using spells to win the lottery, finding love with a spell and making money with magic.

Is Using Magic Safe?

Another question asked by many people is “is magic safe?”. There is the often rogue spell caster who is frowned upon in the magic and spell casting community but the truth is that magic is safe to use. Many people fear magic, mainly because the media, movies, books and TV and presented magic and spell casting as something they are not. Magic is safe and if it were not it would not be allowed. Spell casters of all creeds have worked and studied for many years to hone their craft and cast magic spells for good purposed. Magic, especially today, is safer than ever before, however, this does not mean it is less powerful. In fact, spell casters that cast safe and even very straightforward spells cast spells that are exceptionally powerful. The best way to find out if magic is safe or not it to try and simple free spell or speak to someone who has used it successfully.

Does All Magic Work?

Yes. All magic works. Provided the spell you have cast is an authentic spell cast by a real spells caster magic works every time. Because so many people are unsure of magic or are at the very least a little sceptical magic has a habit of not working for these people. Magic works in the positivity inside a person and feeds on this. There are countless examples of fake spells that will never work, many people want to exploit the levels of desperation in the world today and post spells on the internet claiming they are real wizards when in fact they are not. The frauds are easy to spot and to prove that all magic works many top spells casters produce spells that are free to use. Of course to make magic work you need to follow any instructions carefully. But provided you can follow instructions and remain positive all magic will work for anyone.

Do I have to follow a certain religion to make magic work?

Many people think they have to follow a certain faith or pray to certain Gods for magic and spells to work. This is not true. Wiccan magic and Voodoo Magic are some of the best known forms of magic and while the magic and spells used in these faiths are produced by energising the wiccan and voodoo spirts the spells themselves will work for anyone. There is no need to convert to the faith for the spells to work but you need to acknowledge the power of spirits and at all times be grateful when using the magic. Wiccan and Voodoo magic are both exceptionally powerful and work for anyone regardless of faith, skin colour or nationality. If you can believe in the magic you can find success with spells, it is as simple as that.

What Is A Witch?

Fairy tales and the movies have created an image of a witch that is nothing like the truth. Witches do not fly on broomsticks, they don’t eat children, they don’t have sex with the devil and nor do they walk around in pointed hats cackling covered in warts. Witches are custodians of magic passed down through ancient religions to help people and do good. Witches can look like you or me and perform their work from ordinary homes and offices all over the world. Witches had a bad reputation but those who knew, understood and appreciated the power of the spirits used witches and respected them to keep their land and people fertile and rich. Nothing much has changed, witches are real people with a deep understanding of the spirits and energies that surround us each and every day. When you contact a witch you will feel calm, confidence and energy knowing that the person is truly a good and well-meaning person who can help you with anything.

Who or what are pagans?

Many people associate spells and magic with pagans and paganism. The modern world has lead people to fear pagans depicting them as devil worshippers dressed in goatskin dancing and chanting around giant fires under a full moon. Paganism and pagans is very much about peace, nature and mother earth. Spells, witchcraft and magic all start with and can be traced back to the power of earth and nature and pagan spell casters and wizards are people who respect, understand and can harness the power of these freely given energies. What we call spells and magic is simply what all pagans understand and appreciate better than many others using nature to help people in a positive way. There are millions of people who consider themselves pagan in their beliefs and they are simply part of society today and no one gives them a second glance. Don’t be afraid of pagan spells and magic, they are merely tools that have been developed from mother nature herself.

How do spells work?

Spells work through energies around us opening up spiritual pathways towards to guide us toward any goals we seek. The incantations, rituals and even ingredients help bring the mind of the spell caster into the real world and the situation being addressed. Spells work by using the energy around us and attaching it to the person seeking results from magic. Spirits and energy are attracted to and work best with positive thoughts and gestures of kindness and good toward other people. Spells work quickly and slowly depending on what is required and requested. Good luck spells form a field of protection around and person and work slowly and continuously. Money spells work with the law of attraction and can work quickly. Love spells work in a similar fashion to money spells but are a little slower. All real spells work.

Are Love Spells Real?

Love spells are a common spell and one that many people have had a lot of success with. Love spells use kind and gentle magic that is tremendously powerful. Love spells are real and in some families they have become sacred spells passed down through generations seeking strong and fertile blood lines. From simple love potions to powerful spells that break up relationships, love spells have been used successfully for thousands of years. Many of the strongest relationships seen in the world today are as a result of using love spells. Many people do not boast about using a love spell, very often it is a condition that you tell no one and thus the magic and spells have a romantic element of secrecy. But yes, love spells are real, and you can try a free love spell today.

Are money spells real?

Everyone wants more money or some money and using spells and magic to gain money has been a secret millions of people have kept for thousands of years. From simple money doubling spells that use a mirror in a purse to spells that see businesses making huge profits in times of recession, money spells have been proven to be real and reliable since money or anything of value has been in existence. Money spells require a person to have a healthy respect for money and demands they not be greedy. There is a finite amount of money in the world that needs to keep moving and money spells ensure this always continues and that money flows . Money always serves a purpose and only when this is understood and that money for the sake of hording money will mean no money spell will ever work. Money spells are often very easy, try one today.

Do Lottery spells work?

Lottery spells may seem like something modern, but these powerful spells have been cast ever since games of chance began. Lottery spells use ancient magic and many spell casters say that the spirits have tremendous fun when part of these spells. All over the world today lotteries are being played and tickets purchased. Lotteries are a game of chance, but lottery spells increase the chances of winning fairly on any lottery. From a simple lottery at a school to raise funds to national lotteries and even the EuroMillions lottery spells never cheat anyone but simply bless those who deserve to be blessed with an amount of money. Anyone who has used a lottery spell will gladly say they won the lottery using magic, there are countless people who have won small amounts frequently to massive fortunes more than once on various lotteries. Lottery spells do work, and you only need follow the rules and remain confident in winning.

Do you need strange ingredients for spells?

Eye of newt, wing of bat and skin of toad, oh what joy. It was William Shakespeare that perhaps sowed the seed that witches used weird ingredients in the hoil and toil hubble and bubble in Macbeth. Thankfully, real magic and spells do not require you to shop for beetle wings, frogs and crickets, and most powerful spells use easy to find ingredients such as herbs, spices, candles and eggs. Using salt and other ingredients anyone can cast a spell with relative ease. Even witches and powerful spell casters use everyday ingredients to cast some of the most powerful spells in the world. Try out a simple spell today.

Do divorce spells work?

Divorce is a word that is far too common today. Instead of divorce spells spell casters would much prefer to cast spells that keep a marriage strong and happy. Nevertheless, some marriages are unsavable and need to end quickly. Divorce spells used to end marriages fairly or to just end the marriage one way or another really do work. Many happily divorced couples have used a spell and equally, many hard done by parties in a divorce are where they are because their former partner used a divorce spell. Divorce spells fall into the love spell category and are some of the most powerful spells know today. Divorce spells have been used for thousands of years with great success.

Do Free Spells work?

Free spells can be found almost anywhere. Provided the free spells have been cast by a real spell caster the free spells will work. Free spells are used by powerful spell casters for many reasons. Sometimes spells are given away for free to say thank you to the world, sometimes the spells are used to help demonstrate the power of a particular spell caster and other times the spells are simply so powerful that the magic needs to be shared. Free spells cast by real spell casters always work provided you trust the spells and follow the instructions fully. Furthermore, for free spells to work you need to have confidence in yourself, the person who originally cast the spell and that the spell will deliver the results you are seeking. You can try and free spell at no risk and see for yourself just how powerful magic and spells are and how they can add value to your life.

How long does it take for a spell to work?

Using a spells and magic is not what it looks like in a Harry Potter Movie. There are magic wands which at a flick turn a man into a statue or a mouse into a horse. Magic and spells is a fine art that has been practiced over many years and the best spell casters have learnt their craft from the best witches and wizards of their age. Some spells work quickly, good luck or protection spells begin to work over night. Some spells take a little practice to make work and there are spells that can take years to work their magic depending in the desire. For most simple spells a few days to a few weeks is the normal time a good spell takes to work. Patience is the real power of making a spell work, magic cannot be rushed and at all times you need to trust in the spell caster and believe in the spell you have cast. Often the better your intentions are and the stronger your belief the quicker the spell will work.

What psychic reading works best?

Psychic readings are often difficult to compare, and different readings work best for different people. Nearly always a face to face psychic reading is the best as having the reader and the person being read together brings everything closer together. However, this is not to say that telephonic or online readings do not work. The type of reading that works best often depends on what a person is seeking help for and it is advisable to contact your psychic and ask which he or she believes in best. It makes sense to start with a simple online or telephonic reading and progress from there.

How do I know if a love spell is working?

Love spells are common spells and people who cast them can become very impatient. It is understandable but you cannot rush a love spell. It is easy to forget that any spell is actually cast on the person using the spell not the other way around. As soon as the spell is cast it begins to work, you should feel energised and you should feel confident. Love is a peculiar thing and a love spell generally makes you more attractive. Little things may begin to happen, you will see more smiles, you may find yourself surrounded by more pretty girls and handsome men. Love spells never fail and the more precise you are in casting the spell very often the sooner the spells yields the results. Never stop believing in your love spell, the spirits know what they are doing and your negativity could break the spell completely.

Do love spells work in every country?

Yes. If you are in one country and the person you love, or desire is in another magic from the spell can work across continents. Distance does not bother magic, spells, and psychic skills of a powerful love spells caster. The person destined to love you may not even know you and you may be poles apart of living in the same street. Love spells work everywhere and anywhere and as long as you trust the spell and remain confident you will find love sooner than you think and you will amazed how what you see as obstacles created by distance soon become bridges that bring you together with your true love.>

Do Lottery spells work from any country?

Yes. Lottery spells can work in any country, from any country and for any lottery in the world. Remember a lottery spell is cast of you, the person casting the spell and makes you more attractive to winning sums of money of any size. Many spells have been specially crafted to work with certain lotteries such as Mega Millions, EuroMillions or UK Lottery. You can play these huge lotteries from anywhere in the world and use a spell to win them from anywhere in the world. Lottery spells are powerful magic, and you should never feel left out just because you live somewhere other than the country the draw is taking place in.

Is Black Magic Evil?

Black magic is some of the most feared magic of all and despite it perhaps being know for some of the more evil and dastardly acts in history Black Magic is not pure evil as many suggest. Black magic has deep roots in history and from ancient religions and beliefs but it is not evil. Black magic is extremely powerful and spell casters know it has the power to do almost anything both constructive or destructive. However, if you are seeking a spell that perhaps has the equivalent of a guarantee of working then black magic is the path to take. Black Magic Love Spells are especially strong, know to break seemingly happy relationships and creating another from it and even used to restore broken marriage. Satanic Worship is not part of black magic and today masters of black magic use the tremendous power it has to do much good in the world.

How do I start using magic and spells?

The use of magic and spells has been around since the very dawn of time. Anyone can start using magic and spells today and thanks to the internet it takes very little effort. There are many lessons online on how to use magic and many easily accessible spell casters who would be only too happy to help you start using magic. It is best to start with simple magic and easy spells, maybe a free money spell, and build up your confidence in the use of magic and spells. Step by step you will get used to using magic and working with a real spell caster you can learn now magic has its place in the world today. Do not rush into using magic, take things slowly and gradually practice and develop your own skills and expertise around using magic.

How do I contact the best spell caster?

Contacting the best spell caster is easy. There are no codewords or passwords required. The best spell caster can be contacted by simply filling in the form on this website or phoning or whatsapping the number provided.

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