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Protection Spells-10 Ways To Protect Yourself Using Spells

protection spell

We live in a dog eat dog world and in many ways it is each to their own. The world is full of fake people who pretend to like you but in fact do not and there are plenty of people who openly say they hate your guts. At any point in time we are all disliked and there is little we can do about it¦ or so we think hence we turn to protection spells.

“10 Ways To Protect Yourself Using Spells that always work and keep you safe from all harm as performed by a real powerful spells caster”

Powerful self-protection Spells

To stay safe in this life we all need some form of protection, some more than others and powerful protection spells are the best way to guarantee this. Not all protection spells are the same, yes they all protect us from one foe or other but they are all slightly different. We cannot rely on just one spell or type of spell, self protection spells are great but we all need more

Spells to protect your home

It is not just us as people that need a spell to protect us. Self=protection spells are a start but spells to protect your home go just a little but further. With spells to protect your home using simple things such as salt and garlic you can sleep well and night and even leave the house for work knowing your home is safe having used the powerful magic.

Wiccan Protection Spells

Wiccan magic is some of the most powerful magic of all and wiccan protection spells are frequently requested spells. Wiccan protection spells can ward off harmful or negative people and keep their negative energy from flowing your way.

Hoodoo spells for protection

We will touch on Voodoo next but Hoodoo magic is well-known for its protection spells. Trusted for thousands of years hoodoo spells for protection are popular because they are extremely powerful and use easy to find ingredients.

Voodoo Protection Spells

Surouded by myths and media stereotyping voodoo magic and voodoo protection spells are considered the most powerful protection spells of all. Particularly powerful in protecting people from bad luck and curses, casting a voodoo spell delivers more protection than many imagine

White Magic Spells

When it comes to protection and increasing good luck White magic spells that involve the use of copper are widely used. White magic spells often use coins that are full of copper and these are carried or placed in certain places along with a spell that keeps a person safe and lucky

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